Content Automation AI pricing

How much does our full-service offering cost? Use our custom calculator here to get a cost estimate for your copy requirements. Get in touch with us for more customized pricing information.

What’s included in our service?

The eight services below are required with every engagement. The items below ensure you receive the best possible content for your web project:

Consultancy sessionUnderstand your business goals and build a content plan around them
Communication and project managementOngoing communication and project management
Keyword research and article managementResearching keyword groups and identifying SEO targets
Creating brand-aligned prompts and parametersBuild out curated prompts and parameters with input from our existing library
Build copy assets using AI text transformerCreate the copy assets with AI
Human review of created assetsExpert copy-editor review
Plagiarism and AI copy detection checksCheck the copy for plagiarism and perform AI copy detection analysis
Delivery of assetsDeliver assets as a CSV/XML

Pricing calculator

What is the average word count of the content you want to create?

How many pieces of content do you want to create?

How many different templates of content are required?

All options include a professional copy editor review of ~15-30 minutes per article as well as all the services listed in the table above.

Variables and extras

The pricing calculator here should be used as a guide. We work to create custom pricing for all our clients.

We also offer the additional services listed below. Be sure to let the team know in our meeting that you need support in these areas:

  • Brand guidelines
  • SEO analysis
  • Fact-finding (for nascent, nuanced, or complex topics)
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing consultancy and reporting